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A journey of a thousand miles

It's 5:30am, and I'm writing this from a cafe in Dublin Airport, breakfast beside me, all checked in, waiting for the gate to open in about an hours time. I'm heading to camp for the 3rd time, and then instead of coming back at the end of the summer, I'll be going down to North Carolina for my study abroad year. So this is it, heading off for quite a long time really.
I'm flying from Dublin, because it was cheaper than Glasgow, but it's been a bit of a trek to get here. I said goodbye to Dad on Friday night, which was pretty emotional, then Mum drove me down to Glasgow (where we have a flat) so I could get an early bus on Saturday morning. That goodbye was a little easier, we kept the hugs shorter, and then I got on the bus. The bus took me down to a ferry, which went to Belfast, where I connected to another bus to get to Dublin. I spent last night (Saturday) in a hostel there, and got up around 3am this morning to get a bus to the airport - which of course was running late, so I'm glad I opted for that one instead of the slightly later one. My flight now goes to London, where I have four hours stopover and have to change terminals, then it'll be straight on to Philadelphia! With lifts and buses when I get there, I should hopefully be at camp by 7pm local time this evening. I really hope I can sleep on the plane, or I'll be so jet lagged when I get there.

I'm very excited for the whole thing, I'm just trying at the moment not to think about how long I'm going to be away from my family. Sometime I'll let myself have a good cry just to get it out, but now is not the time. Instead, I'll be happy about the fact my luggage fit into one bag, and was under the maximum weight limit. Despite feeling like it weighs a ton, my hand luggage is also under the limit, so I haven't had to throw anything out so far. I'll have a little wander around soon, and see if there are any books in the shop that I just can't do without, and get myself all sorted out - 3am hair is fine stumbling out the hostel at 3am, but I think I should look a little less like a scarecrow for landing in London at 9:30, it being a much more civilised time of day. The airport is very gradually getting busier, but everyone seems to be quite subdued - another effect of it not being 6am yet, I guess.

I'll sign off now, and next time you here from me, I'll be in New Jersey! Take care, LJ friends :-)


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Jun. 3rd, 2012 06:12 am (UTC)
Have a wonderful, wonderful time.
Jun. 3rd, 2012 07:34 am (UTC)
You are so lucky getting a flight direct from London to Philadelphia - back in 2009 I went from London to Philly via Chicago!!! Insane!

Have a fantastic time.
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