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A meme.

I keep meaning to write more about being in NC. I have all these posts stored up in my head, and then life keeps happening and I don't get them written. In the meantime, a meme, because this one is short & I haven't posted anything in far too long.

eneit gave me the age 20.

When I was 20
I lived in: Mostly Edinburgh, for my 1st & 2nd years of university, but I spent the summer in the New Jersey pine barrens working at camp.
I was dating: Was kind of seeing the high-school sweetheart before summer, had a 'summer fling' with the guy who continues to be Nothing But Trouble in an I-like-it-but-its-bad-for-me way. Then got back to Edinburgh in the autumn and had a nice, guy-free rest of the year.
I drove: Didn't have my licence.
I feared: Dying. To the point that for a lot of that spring I would wake up feeling sick and have to stay up until I was too tired to be awake anymore, because otherwise I was too tense to sleep. Luckily I got to camp at the end of May, and somehow managed to push it all away and get things back under control, which I've kept.
I worked at: Just university work during the year, but then as a lifeguard & cabin counsellor in the summer :)
I wanted to be: Relaxed, at camp, happy.

I'm now: 21 (almost 22)
I live in: Chapel Hill, NC, USA. I'm in the middle of a study-abroad year through uni.
I am dating: A lovely southern gentleman who drives an orange pick up, disagrees with me on anything & everything related to politics, and spoils me rotten.
I drive: Still no licence, but I should finally be able to fit in lessons this summer.
I fear: Something happening to my parents or brother while I'm so far away.
I work at: Just uni work at the moment, and trying to wrestle a manuscript into something I can send out into the world.
I want to be: A writer :) I'm working harder at making that dream into a reality than I ever have, so we'll see how that goes.



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Feb. 9th, 2013 06:59 am (UTC)
your nice Southern gentleman sounds lovely. It's amazing how radically lives can change even in a relatively short time space
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