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Some early experiences at Carolina

I talked a little about the first couple of days, and I'm now going through my diary seeing what other interesting things happened early on last term.

I got into the swing of classes quite quickly. Once you're in a lecture hall, there's really nothing to set it apart from one at Edinburgh, except for the accents, of course. Things were busy quickly, and I spent the first couple of weeks getting on with work. I also quickly made friends with Zoe, the girl who'd been assigned as my 'mentor'. She's a senior here, and spent last year studying abroad in Edinburgh, so in the first place we connected over that, and then found we had a lot of other things in common too.

The big exciting thing from those first weeks was going to an American football game! The football stadium here seems huge, at least to me, and it was a beautiful hot day so loads of students came out to watch. College sports are one of the big differences between the UK and USA - we just don't have anything on that scale, I don't think. Universities put so much money into their sports programs, and so many people get really into it. I felt like the stadium could have been for a professional team, and every time Carolina scored, fireworks were set off from the top of the stadium. It was a bit surreal! They have loads of songs and chants which most people join in on, and finish the game by singing the alma mater - everyone links arms, and does the related hand gestures. I just couldn't imagine the same sort of thing happening in Edinburgh.

The rest of the town is really interesting on game day, too. People pour in to come and watch the game, so there is a stream of people and cars heading to the stadium. The road just outside it becomes full of people having picnics - or 'tailgating' - with their folding chairs and cooler boxes set out, sitting around in the sun, everyone wearing Carolina blue, and the odd one or two people in the colours of the opposing team. Up in the quad, stall tables pop into existence selling food, drink, and memorabilia. I even saw a little children's bouncy castle one day! It's an incredible atmosphere to just wander around while people are heading to the game.

football game


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Apr. 14th, 2013 11:19 pm (UTC)
that's a rather large stadium ...
Apr. 14th, 2013 11:41 pm (UTC)
It feels huge. I've no idea what sort of size they are at other college, but it would be interesting to see - especially as the team here do ok, but they aren't *really* good. I think people say the sports facilities in general are good here.
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