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Hmm. I meant to post this in the first couple of days of February, and now we're half way through the month. Oh.

January was fun, and busy. The boyfriend was here from America for December/January, so we spent new year at home watching the fireworks on tv from our warm spot beside the fire, instead of shivering in the cold at the street party. Then it was back to Edinburgh for a few days before Uni started up again. I've got 2 courses this term, plus my dissertation to finish, which counts as another course. Each of the other 2 gets just 2 taught hours per week, but although that doesn't sound like much, I spend so much of the rest of the week doing my prep reading and notes for those classes that it's not the easy time some people seem to think when I explain how little class time we have.

Anyway, I made it through January of classes. My course on Roman Games is very interesting, and the lecturer is funny, and interesting - I think this is his first teaching job, and he's more in touch with student attitudes than some of them are. My other class is Didactic Poetry, and I think it has the potential to get more interesting soon, but at the moment we're focussing on Lucretius' 'The Nature of Things', and his philosophies. I am really not a fan of philosophy, or at least not any of the Greek and Roman stuff I've had to look at in the last few years.

Apart from uni, I waved the boyfriend, C, off on his plane at o-dark-thirty in the morning at the end of the month. This is a very uncertain time now with what the two of us will be doing next, but we're determined to do it together, at least. He's trying to get in to a postgraduate program somewhere, and has applied to some places in the USA and some in the UK. We'll see where he gets in to, and where he ends up accepting, and then I'll figure out where I'm going to be over the summer and in the autumn. For now, we're both getting very impatient waiting to hear back from the universities. I'm hoping we'll know by mid-March, otherwise I might have gone a little mad from waiting *g*

I'll try to post again soon, so that the next one isn't quite so rambling.
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