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I was going to do a February wrap-up post, and then March started being very busy. The short version is that I spent most of February working on my dissertation, with a brief interlude where I went to Skye with a large group of international exchange students, which was really good fun.

The first fun thing from March was that I went home for the weekend with my brother to celebrate his birthday. It was his 21st, but, he says, he has house parties with his friends all the time, he wanted to do something different, catch up with the family, and see the dogs. It's always nice to go home - I love living in Edinburgh, but the house on the west coast is just so peaceful compared to the city. And at this point in my university career, it's just nice to get a breather. There were dog walks, balloons, and birthday cake, making for a very nice weekend *g*

The weekend after that was my birthday party. I'm into the stage between significant birthdays for a while, but this one means I got to spend the whole week singing Blink 182 songs - contrary to what the lyrics would have you believe, it turns out people do love you when you're 23 ;-) I was lucky enough to have some of my friends from summer camp make the trip from various parts of the country to come and visit, including one girl who is on exchange here at the moment from the States. So it was a really good opportunity for a catch up. A couple of my friends from high school also came, which was really good.

In general, the whole weekend was full of spending time with people that were overdue seeing, and remembering why we stay friends with the distance: because the times in between don't matter. When we see each other, it is as though we are carrying on a conversation from yesterday. I'm very grateful for the reminder, and that I have these people in my life.
Tags: birthdays, edinburgh, friends, home

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