Ailsa (ailsa_cf) wrote,

I really suck at blogging, don't I?

My friends page is my home page, so I see it every time I open safari, but I still suck at finding time to post, apparently.

Some memorable points since I last updated:
1)C, the boyfriend, got a really good offer from a university in Texas, and decided to go there. I visited him for a few weeks in NC earlier this summer, and I'm going to go over to Texas for a visit in October for a few weeks. Winter is going to be hard because we won't see each other until April or May. But, we're pretty committed at this point *g* We'll put up with time apart because there will (baring any disasters) be plenty of time together later *g*

2) I finished my dissertation at the end of March, and handed it in a whole 4 days early - the earliest I've handed in any piece of written coursework ever, and it's the most important one. (I got a B for it, which I'm happy with.)

3) I graduated! I'm done, done, done! So much free time now, in theory. I got a 2:1 overall, which is what I'd expected & hoped for - again, I'm happy with that.

4) I'm working at the Commonwealth Games at the moment, serving food in the Athletes Village. There are pluses & minuses to the job. Cool to see the athletes up close & get to chat with them, but it's also a really boring job a lot of the time.

5) I'd decided probably a couple of years ago that I wanted to do another ski season this winter, and applied to lots of jobs. After three interviews with different companies, I've signed a contract with a medium-sized company who I'm really looking forward to working with. I'll be a chalet host, serving food & doing the housekeeping, but won't be assigned to a particular resort or building until after staff training. I do know that it'll be in France though, and almost certainly somewhere I"ve never visited before, which again I'm looking forward to.

Those are really the big things from me just now. I'm going to try (again, I know) to blog more often. I read your posts, even if I don't always comment. Thank you for still reading mine when they have been so sporadic over this past very busy year.

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